Posted by on 22/02/2020

6 Things TO NEVER Say In a Job Interview, interview tips. hings you shouldn’t say in a job interview and tips related to acing your interview. Job interview advice are all about what you should do and say, questions you need to prepare. However it’s easier to filter out things you should NOT do or say in an interview. Things you should never say because they might damage your job interview and ruin your chances during a job search. Just like in life in general, if you don’t know well who you are dealing with, you have to be aware of sensitive subjects while preparing for an interview.
These are 6 things to never say in a job interview:
1. So…, what do you do here? You CAN’T just walk into an interview knowing nothing about the position or company. ALWAYS, always do your research.
2. How much holiday will I get? Are there flexible hours?