Posted by on 22/02/2020

7 Jobs Which Will Disappear In The Near Future – Jobs Without Future. Jobs that will disappear in the due to AI and robots. Artificial Intelligence and Robots are already replacing so many jobs. Do you wonder which jobs are likely to get automated? Which jobs will be taken over by artificial intelligence? Here I discuss 7 jobs without future, I also give out jobs categories which are not be replaced by robots soon, jobs and careers of future.These are the jobs which have a very high probability of becoming fully automated.

First Job category would be all the Drivers: taxi, bus, train, truck drivers and even pilots! Driverless cars or buses might once have been the domain of science fiction but nowadays companies such as Waymo already have green light to test fully driverless vehicles and they are already being brought to the market. Self-driving truck company Otto has successfully tested such trucks. The same goes for plane pilots.