Posted by on 07/05/2019

Anyone who is looking for a job knows that a recruiter is always a helpful resource, but they don’t know how to build a positive and a mutually beneficial relationship with recruiters. How to make the recruiters like them! Relationships between job seekers and recruiters are often distant because the candidate assumes that he or she is the customer, and that the recruiter is there to serve them! HUGE mistake!

If we haven’t met before, I am Marat from Emmotion,, Human Resources and Career Services Agency, look me up on LinkedIn. On this channel I train and coach you to ace your job interviews fast, to gain confidence as a professional and learn how to deal with corporate politics, being a better person yourself first.

Just in case if you didn’t know, the recruiters always get paid by the employer! That’s why their mission is to find the right candidate for the company. And obviously not finding a perfect role for a job seeker. So first step is accepting this reality, and learn to work with recruiters correctly for a successful job search.

Before I proceed further I would appreciate if you thumb up the video and subscribe to my channel so you won’t miss out on the latest career and personal growth content. And if you stick with me until the end of this video, I’ll be sharing a few important red flags when it comes to dealing with recruiters. Things which might place you in their “do not contact”, I am serious!

The recruiters have quite a lot on their plate, so let me share with you a few tips and aspects which could make their life easier and eventually make them like you!

First tip Don’t “stalk” the recruiter!

A lot of candidates might not even realize it, but calling recruiters every other day to find out if anything came up is not a good idea! If they haven’t called you, it’s probably because there isn’t anything suitable! Trust that the recruiter will contact you immediately if they find a good match.

All the other tips… Watch the video!

And just as I promised, here come the Red flags, some of these will make you look untrustworthy and even get you into recruiters’ “blacklist” – “do not contact” list.

  • Not turning up to interview without notifying your recruiter first
  • Applying for the job directly with the company after having heard about the role through a recruiter.
  • Last minute change of salary expectations to an amount much higher from initially discussed figure
  • Turning down an offer last minute when everything was discussed and re-confirmed, or even worse, using the offer for negotiating a higher salary at their current company
  • Disappearing during the final stages of the recruitment process
  • Not showing up on the first day at the new job, yes, unfortunately I dealt with that also.

Keep in mind that many recruiters can continue to provide you with guidance at your new role. So keep in touch with them, even after you’ve landed a job. In some cases, a recruiter can become your lifelong career-advocate. You never know when you might search for a new job? If you get on well with your recruiter, you can build a great long term relationship with them.

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