EMMOTION is founded in 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. The story behind our company’s being branded as EMMOTION is down to our names (Elvina, Marat, Milo) and to us believing in a dynamic and agile ways of doing Human Resources. At the same time always making the human approach a key element and the center of the project. The idea of being associated to a “motion” or a “movement” and to being “human-centered” translated into EMMotion.

E stands for Elvina Chavtarayeva. International Relations BA, PHD in Psychology in progress, she is also employed by a well known international brand. Elvina is our collaborator in Recruitment and Employer Branding projects. 

You can watch Elvina’s – Job Interview Outfits for Women video here:


M stands for Marat Chavtarayev. The driving force behind EMMotion. Economics BA with Masters in Human Resources Management and 12 years of HR experience, leading major Talent Management Projects at all functional areas. Marat is also known for EMMOTION by Marat – Youtube Channel.

Check out Marat’s video on the Key Skills To Succeed in the Post Covid-19 World:


M stands for Milo De Prieto. Producer with over 25 years experience producing for many top publishers online around the world. Milo is our collaborator in video content direction and production for brands and businesses.

You can hear Milo in this How To Negotiate Your Salary After Interview video: