Posted by on 22/02/2020

How To Prepare For A Phone Interview and How To Ace A Phone Interview in 2020 – Interview Tips. How to successfully prepare and pass phone interviews. How to do a phone interview and ace your interview in just 6 steps, also includes interview red flags, what not to do on the phone. A phone call which is usually a first direct interaction between you and your potential employer is in fact an interview. No matter how casual this conversation might be, it’s still an interview, where everything you say is being evaluated. Most of the time, this mutual first impression is crucial for any further steps in a recruitment process. In other words, if you really want the position, you should take your phone interview seriously. Because this conversation is a tool for hiring managers to shortlist the candidate list even further from the resume screening. Applying these will drastically improve your phone interview skills and place you above many candidates with similar resume and experience.