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What is YOUR GREATEST WEAKNESS? SAMPLE ANSWERS and How to Answer Your Biggest Weakness Interview Question.

Greatest weaknesses question is bound to be asked at some point during your interview. Many find this question pointless and it is for sure THE MOST DISLIKED job interview question. It’s completely understandable that no candidate would want to confess their biggest flaws during the interview. Recruiters and hiring managers are aware of it. But the way you reply to What Are Your Weaknesses question already gives a lot of information about you. That’s why this question doesn’t go away. Companies keep asking “What are your greatest weaknesses” and the vast majority of job seekers are NOT approaching this question correctly.

Almost everyone needs help with the “weaknesses question” so in this video I will show you how to structure your “What Is Your Greatest Weakness?” response with a few easy steps. I also share brand new sample answers of “Greatest weaknesses”. Which will be helpful to you while coming up with your response!

“What are your greatest weaknesses or your biggest weaknesses?” Can be asked in many different ways:
-What are your most important development areas?
– What would your manager or colleagues describe as your biggest weakness if I speak to them?
– Which tasks or duties do you struggle with the most?
– Is there a skill set of yours which you feel still needs work?
– Tell me about a development goal that you have set.
– If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

The hardest part of speaking about your biggest weaknesses is finding a balance in your response. HOW to talk about your weaknesses without endangering your candidacy? And which biggest weaknesses you should mention in your interviews? This is exactly what I am going to teach you in this video in 5 steps to prepare your honest and authentic Weaknesses response, which will HUGELY increase your chances of getting a job offer.

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