Posted by on 22/02/2020

What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses Job Interview Question – How to answer in 2020. Weaknesses Answer Examples. What are your weaknesses? is the most hated job interview question. You probably wonder how to discuss weaknesses nowadays in 2020, in this video I share clear guidelines to help you with an interview response, and give you full weaknesses answers and responses to use while replying to “what is your weakness?” interview question.
What are your greatest weaknesses question is also asked as:
– What would your manager or colleagues describe as your biggest weakness?
– Which tasks or duties do you struggle with the most?
– Which difficulties and issues have arisen in your current role?
– Is there any area of your skill set that you feel still needs work?
NEVER say you don’t have any weaknesses or development areas. The impact of such answer is the same as saying as that you don’t have the ability to learn and to grow:
Four Steps formula to answer to your “weaknesses” related questions:
1. Analyze your development areas
It should be a weakness related to your professional competencies and skills.
2. Don’t try to disguise a strength as a weakness
I work too hard… or I am a perfectionist… These are ridiculous because as a recruiter you hear them every day.
3. Be honest but don’t raise any red flags
Giving an honest answer is really important here. If you make something up, you might not be able to handle all the follow-up questions.
4. Explain the measures you took to correct this skill
First part of your answer should reflect that you detected this weakness. The second part is how you had actively been working on it.