Posted by on 22/02/2020

What To Do If You Get Fired – Steps To Take If You Are Fired (If I got fired). You are fired and getting fired, or let go from your job can be a real shock, being fired can demoralize you and knock you off your feet completely. What to do when you get fired? How to recover from getting fired? How to look for a job when you get fired? Check this video to manage your sudden unemployment better and explain why you were fired in an interview! When you are fired and you lose your job, you immediately enter in a negative space and negative ways of thinking! Losing the feeling of a certain professional security and stability is qualified as something terrible. But there is more to it. Maybe this is your chance for a happier life? In this video I share 6 steps on what to do if you get fired. I also share what NOT to do, once you’ve been let go!

Step #1 would be Embracing everything you feel, acknowledging your situation.
You may experience different emotions:
– panic, due to having said goodbye to a regular salary
– fear of starting life without a set routine
– anger, when you remember all those long hours you dedicated to your position and company
Do not dwell on negative memories, or get stuck on how UNFAIR was the way you had been let go. Focus ONLY on the things you can control, which means leaving the past alone.
#2. Do some soul searching. This is your time to find out and choose what you really want to do.
#3. Manage Your Finances
If you haven’t been paying attention to your finances and daily spending before it is a right time to do it. You don’t have to settle for a job you don’t want, simply because you HAVE to accept it or you run out of money.