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Resume Tips – How To Write a GOOD Resume, Best Resume Writing Tips. 6 Steps and Tips to write your perfect resume, resume example included in the youtube description link.

How to write a GREAT resume which will get you hired, in a Step by Step Resume Tutorial.  What is keeping YOU from writing a GREAT resume? Here I sharing with you 6 easy to follow steps to build your PERFECT resume. Stick with me till the end to make your resume stand out, for resume examples and the MOST important resume tip for any role. 

The base of your resume: Selecting the resume format and style that you feel best represents you professionally. There are 3 main types of resumes: Chronological resume, Functional resume, and the combination of both.

This RESUME TUTORIAL includes:
00:00 Intro
00:52 How does a Resume work?
01:23 How to select the Resume Format and Style?
02:22 How to Create a Resume Header
03:27 How to write a Career Summary/Resume Summary
04:33 Career Summary Examples
05:26 How to list your Work Experience in your resume?
06:40 How to list your Education in your Resume?
08:03 The final touches to your resume make a difference
08:57 Resume Examples, good and bad
09:21 Tailoring your resume to each position with the right keywords for ATS scan

Are you tired of checking articles and videos on How To Write a Good Resume? Here I share best resume tips on how to create your resume, tips on how to easily make updates to your existing CV or resume, including resume summary examples. Having a resume is not about just putting it together quickly, sending it without any strategy, just for the sake of it. This will result into never hearing back from a hiring manager. I’ve worked in Recruitment for 12 years, I’ve reviewed thousands of resumes and I can guarantee that investing some time into writing your resume will be worth it. A good, an eye catching resume means more than you imagine, when it comes to attracting your dream job and building a career you want. These are steps to follow for your perfect resume:

Select a format and style that you feel best represents your strengths and achievements. The effective resume format is consistent, clear and easy to read. Avoid tiny fonts, sudden font changes and format variations, use the same font and format throughout your resume. Resume fonts which are easy on the eye. An unprofessional resume, full of font changes, grammar mistakes, confusing vague information or slang words, will make you look completely unprofessional as a job seeker.

Don’t make your resume longer than 2 pages. Keep the resume short, dynamic and to the point, no longer than two pages! According to research the 3+ pages long resumes tend to get ignored by hiring managers. The longer your resume is, the less time there is to see a fit. The only time it’s acceptable to have a resume longer than 3 pages is when your field requires to list publications, research and other projects. Entry level candidates stand their best chance with 1 page resume. Experienced candidates perform their best with 2 pages resume.

Mention accomplishments and not just job descriptions. The resume isn’t just a summary of your work experience. Your resume is in fact a marketing tool which tells your professional story in the best way, it markets your individual brand. Focus on what you did in your job, NOT what your job title was, there’s a big difference. You should include a few lines of the job description, then list what your accomplishments were. Think of the praise you’ve received, the promotions you’ve been given, special responsibilities you’ve handled. On resume you should focus on results and include Values! Use sentences that start with action verbs and make your resume more dynamic.

Include a “CAREER SUMMARY” on your resume. Think of a career summary as your resume elevator pitch. Which combination of skills and experiences makes you an asset? Grab the hiring manager’s attention right from the beginning. Don’t use an Objective Statement LIKE: “Seeking this certain position” or “interested in a certain challenge”. That’s not telling at all.

TAILOR YOUR RESUME TO EACH NEW JOB. In today’s world everything is customized. This includes your resume when applying for jobs. You should be strategic about landing your dream job and tailor your resume appropriately. About 80% of large companies use applicant tracking systems ATS that scan your resume and determine if you are a fit just by looking for keywords. Your tailored resume should describe your experience with keywords from the job description you are applying to. Generic resume will lower the chances of getting invited to an interview.

Nowadays, absolutely EVERY successful product is customized, which is WHY your resume should be customized too. The strategy of tailoring your resume to the job advertisement or to a specific company is going to make it more powerful. Find the keywords and specific descriptions inside the job advertisement, spread these keywords cleverly around your resume. This will definitely click with the hiring manager! And with the ATS, which scans your resume, and which might determine if you are a fit just by scanning these keywords. 

I am Marat from EMMOTION,, Recruitment and Career Services Agency, look me up on LinkedIn. On this channel I train and coach you to ace your job interviews fast, to gain confidence as a professional and learn how to deal with corporate politics, being a better person yourself first.