Posted by on 22/02/2020

How to Handle Negative Feedback From Your Manager or Colleagues at Work. Negative feedback from your boss, have you ever received negative feedback from your manager? Negative feedback or criticism from your colleagues or your boss can be quite challenging to handle. Learning to handle it is a must for your professional and personal development, especially when it’s constructive, like in your performance review and evaluation. Research shows that people who are better at handling negative feedback are more successful than those who can’t handle it. Everyone will eventually be given negative feedback in some form or another. Regardless of the nature of the feedback, the way you receive it will make a huge difference. These are my 5 tips to make sure you react to criticism in a professional way:
1. Don’t Get Defensive. During a feedback conversation you might be feeling defensive, which is normal but don’t show it. This will come across immature and unprofessional. It is in your best interest to control it as much as you can.Try to suspend judgment for the moment. Learning how your boss / supervisor views and evaluates you is a huge career advantage.