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6 Jobs That Will Soon Exist – Jobs Of The Future. 15 years ago job titles like “an app developer”, “a social media influencer” or “an uber driver” would have made no sense to anyone.Now careers in Virtual Reality Design or in Artificial Intelligence Learning don’t come across weird to us. Artificial Intelligence and Robots are replacing many jobs, but these are 6 human jobs which will soon exist and might even turn into some of leading future professions: Number 1 would be Memory Surgeons.This might sound quite creepy, but memory curators or surgeons could provide a ‘live well’ solution for customers by surgically altering memories of the patients. Removing negative memories could treat depression, fears or mental illnesses. Similar careers might even go further: for example memory architects or mixed reality builders, would be creating virtual memories or experiences to reduce anxiety. To reduce stress and improve the general quality of life.