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Tell Me About Yourself Sample Answers – Step By Step Formula and Examples. Ultimate Guide to Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question:
Tell Me About Yourself Guide – GOOD Sample Answers

Good answer to Tell Me About Yourself – Examples for Experienced Professionals and for Professionals without experience. Check out how to answer Tell Me About Yourself with SAMPLE ANSWERS! Ultimate GUIDE to Tell Me About Yourself Question in 2020 + Answer Examples. Tell Me About Yourself A GOOD Answer to This Interview Question is a MUST.

This question is guaranteed to be asked in every single job interview. This job interview question itself seems straightforward and simple, but it’s NOT. Instead of being asked “Tell Us About YOURSELF” you are actually being asked “Are you really the right person for us to hire?” And your whole response should be about that. The hiring manager needs to see you as an ideal candidate after you finish presenting yourself.

In this video I’ll be sharing an easy to use FORMULA to Answer Tell Me About Yourself question to help you turn your answer into your professional story. I also share Tell Me About Yourself answers and examples which you could use as an inspiration while preparing your own response.

The first thing you should know when listening to responses to Tell Me About Yourself is that no matter how natural someone’s response may seem, there is always a structure or a formula behind it! You HAVE to remember that. There is also so much online content about answering Tell Me About Yourself. It’s hard to navigate through so many videos and so much advice. I would recommend you to be practical and select the advice which works for you the best. And most of the times the best is to listen to someone who ACTUALLY HIRED PEOPLE, so it’s less theoretical and more practical. Because when you work in HR and do Job Interviews for a living, you know well why these questions are being asked in the first place, and the kind of responses which most companies are expecting. I also know that many hiring managers decide based on first impressions, the vast majority of them make up their mind in the first 5 minutes of the conversation.

Tell Me About Yourself response is all about showing how your professional story is VALUABLE to this particular company and the position. And the formula which I advise my clients to use is the 3 step PRESENT/PAST/FUTURE answer. Explain hiring managers why you are an ideal candidate they are looking for in a concise and positive manner. 5 important tips to keep in mind while preparing your PRESENT, PAST, FUTURE Tell Me About Yourself story: …