Posted by on 25/09/2020

Create a LinkedIn Business Page – How to create a LinkedIn Company Page Step By Step Tutorial! Are you wondering how to create a successful LinkedIn Company Page? Or why set up a Company page on LinkedIn – LinkedIn Business Page at all? It’s SIMPLE. LinkedIn Company Page gives your brand’s online presence more credibility. Linkedin Business Page is also a way to reach a wider audience and gain new potential customers for your products or your services. In this video I’ll show you how to create a LinkedIn Company Page with a simple and easy to follow step by step tutorial guide. And I’ll also give you a few tips for a successful start, so you won’t waste time wondering what’s next. Let’s start by 01:06 ensuring that you meet these 3 LinkedIn requirements for creating a LinkedIn Business Page: #1 You obviously need a Personal LinkedIn Profile first, so you can set up a business page. #2. Your Personal LinkedIn Profile must be at All Star or Intermediate level, in order to be able to set up your business page. You can check your current level in your LinkedIn Profile Dashboard, which is private to you. If you are serious about wanting your company page to be successful, you need to work on that personal LinkedIn profile. Make it look neat and optimized. This video will help to make your LinkedIn profile stand out, check it out once you finish watching this video: #3 Your LinkedIn profile needs to be at least 1 week old and you need to have at least some first degree connections so you can create a Company Page.

02:02 – Step by Step LinkedIn Company Page set up: #1. Select what type of company you are creating.

03:04 – #2. Fill in details of your Created LinkedIn Business Page.

04:52 – #3. Include LinkedIn Company Page Cover Image

05:31 – #4. LinkedIn Business Page Summary – Company Page About Section

06:09 – #5. Add your Company Location

06:18 – #6. Add LinkedIn Business Hashtags

06:43 – #7. Add LinkedIn Company Page admins

07:32 – Time to start publish content Once your company page on LinkedIn is looking good, it’s time to start publishing content.

If you want to do any further changes to your business page just go back to the admin view and click edit. If you are looking into IMPROVING your company page, check out my other videos on LinkedIn Business Marketing tips through the card and link: