Posted by on 25/09/2020

How To Create Your 30 Second Elevator Pitch – Elevator Pitch Formula and Example. Why create a personal elevator pitch? Because 95% of Employers are convinced that the elevator pitch is extremely important when evaluating a candidate. Elevator pitch is not just about job interviews. It’s about presenting yourself in a professional setting, it will be VERY useful during many social situations, like career fairs, networking events, business meetings, customer visits, etc. That’s why no matter who you are and what you do, having your 30 second elevator pitch prepared is ESSENTIAL for your career or your business progression. Here I’ll be sharing an easy to use FORMULA to create your PERFECT elevator pitch, which is a brief summary of your professional background that can fit into the length of a – 30 second elevator ride. Stick with me till the end and practice your 30 second elevator pitch with me, using the fill in the blanks formula. A good elevator pitch should consist of and should cover these 4 steps and give information on the following aspects.

The elevator pitch formula will help you practice saying it within 30 seconds or less. Use this formula to practice your personal elevator pitch out loud, create your pitch using a formula in full step by step. Just like a business card, an elevator pitch is a quick and easy way to introduce yourself to people you meet. Instead of just answering “What do you do?” use your elevator pitch to create interest in yourself as a professional. These sample elevator pitch examples will help you build your own pitch.

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